2017 Recap

Hey Kirks fans! 2017 has been a heck of a year for us, we have been so blessed to have played 70+ shows this year, including charity fundraisers, radio shows, solo, duo, trio, and full band shows. We plan on promoting a single in 2018 and bumping up our total dates played per year to 100 and more. But first a little more back history. 

The Kirks started out as Hartlee and I playing in our small living room in Ruston, Louisiana on a guitar and cajon, and occasionally I'd pick up the fiddle and she'd pick up the guitar. Probably my favorite thing to do is sing with Hartlee. But it was never for her, she did it because I loved her doing it, and when we had our son Anderson last April, she let me know that she wasn't really interested in performing anymore. She still critiques my songwriting and we still jam out together occasionally. But the whole deal has changed, and it feels disingenuous to call our band The Kirks when I'm the only Kirk in it. 

I've tossed it around with the band, and due to the nature of our schedule and shows, occasionally I have to take more acoustic shows or duo shows than we can do full band gigs. Hopefully that will change. 

I've been speaking with a local studio here in town, Amusement Park, and am planning to work on recording and releasing a new EP or possibly full album next year. I hinted at it a little bit with my country/folk cover of Silent Night (listen/download/donate here - or Spotify or Amazon) 

All that being said, as of 2018 I'll be performing as Jordan Robert Kirk (Paul and Shiloh are tossing around backing band names - JRK and The Chalupas or JRK and The Banditos - not sure the mexican food or culture theme?) 

So as the website, facebook page, instagram.... everything transitions over, we hope that ya'll will stick with us. The line up that has been with me the majority of this year will continue to be there, we will just be performing under a different name. 

God bless, Merry Christmas, happy new year, happy holidays! 


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